SS Barbecue wire mesh grill for cooking

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Stainless steel Barbecue wire mesh

Also be named Grilling baskets, outdoor grill, bbq accessories, rolling grill, camping barbecue, BBQ Grill Net Stainless Steel Cylinder

Barbecue net (BBQWiremesh)

The barbecue net produced in China is divided into: disposable barbecue net and multiple use barbecue net.

One of the most common disposable barbecue net, best-selling Japan, Canada, Argentina and other parts of the world.

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Fold name
According to the shape, it is divided into: circular plane barbecue net, circular concave barbecue net, square plane barbecue net, square concave barbecue net.
According to the material is divided into: galvanized iron wire barbecue net, galvanized steel wire barbecue net, stainless steel barbecue net.
According to the handle of the net, it can be divided into: barbecue net with handle (also known as barbecue grill), barbecue net without handle.

Folding material
Disposable mesh wire material: change galvanized iron wire.
Disposable mesh material: tin-coated iron (also called tinplate).
Multiple use of barbecue net materials: medium carbon steel wire, stainless steel 304.

Folding process
Screening braid, ginning braid, argon arc welding, etc.

Folding surface treatment
Galvanized, electrolytic, polishing, chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating and other processes.

Folding characteristic
High temperature resistance, no deformation, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to use.

Folding use
Mainly used in restaurants, restaurants, barbecue shops, picnic, camping, military, tourism and other activities of pasta, meat, fish barbecue, steaming, smoking, deep baking enthusiasts favor.


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Japanese barbecue net is divided into disposable barbecue net and repeated use of stainless steel barbecue net, the shape of round and square, circular barbecue net and flat and arch.

One, disposable barbecue net
A, wrap the edge of the barbecue net
Form: wrapping (the central is galvanized braided net, the edge is wrapped with tinplate);
Features: Smooth edge, no paddling.
Round table grill net, round table grill net barbecue "ball" shaped food, no rolling, convenient for guests to use.
B, welding barbecue net
Form: Wire mesh welded to wire frame and galvanized.
Features: large size (90 x60cm, 80 x50cm, 60 x40cm, 45 x30cm, 30 x30cm)
Surface treatment: chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, etc.

Two, stainless steel barbecue net
Stainless steel grill net is stainless steel mesh welded on the stainless steel frame, after polishing treatment, can achieve mirror effect.
Stainless steel barbecue net features: thick wire diameter, barbecue without deformation; The surface is smooth and bright.
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Korean BBQ net is mainly barbed wire welded to a wire frame and then galvanized BBQ net. Part BBQ mesh with handle. Some Korean consumers use galvanized wire mesh, which has been cut with no other edges.

European-style barbecue grill

Euro-american style barbecue grill is the barbecue grill used by consumers in Europe and America. The material is stainless steel wire or iron wire; European and American style barbecue grill is generally welded with thick iron wire, the surface treatment is chrome plated, nickel plated, galvanized, etc. There are also stainless steel wire after welding polished stainless steel barbecue; It has a handle. Requirements of fine workmanship, beautiful.

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