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Is composed of metal bars or metal cables braided, according to the weave form of fabric, composed of a variety of patterns of horizontal metal bars through vertical metal cables, the use of materials including stainless steel and high strength corrosion resistant chromium steel and other metals. There are surface after special treatment such as gold, silver, titanium, tin and other elements show a variety of other colors. It has a wide range of applications and remarkable decorative effect, and has become the new favorite of the mainstream architectural art.

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Metal decorative net includes: metal net curtain, metal curtain, metal curtain, copper curtain, hanging curtain, spiral metal net curtain, decorative metal net curtain, curtain wall metal net curtain, ceiling, ceiling metal net curtain.
With the technical progress in the field of building decoration, building materials continue to emerge. As a representative of new materials in the industry that are professional and environmental protection, building metal decoration net has attracted wide attention from the industry. Its products are gradually mature, promoted and applied in landmark building decoration projects, and gradually enter the international market.

Metal decorative nets can be processed into unique colors. These metallic decorative nets with colors are made of different materials and different processing methods. In addition to retaining the functional advantages of metal, they are easy to maintain and their smooth appearance is easy to clean.

Metal decorative net includes: metal mesh curtain, metal curtain, metal curtain, copper curtain, curtain curtain, spiral metal mesh curtain, decorative metal mesh curtain, curtain wall gold

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Metal mesh curtain

Is a new kind of architectural decoration materials, using high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and other alloy materials, by special process preparation, because of its wire and metal lines unique flexibility and gloss is widely used in building facades, partitions, ceiling, and airport stations, hotels, opera houses, exhibition halls and other high-grade internal and external decoration. The decorative effect is vivid, the appearance is chic and elegant. Different light, different environment, different time period, different observation Angle, its visual effect is very rich, highlighting elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, noble grade.

Aluminum wire, copper wire spiral decorative net using high quality aluminum alloy wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, etc., the finished product can be the original color of the metal, can also spray into copper, ebony black, jujube red and other colors, width, height can be set at will. The product has solemn, generous, good three-dimensional effect and other characteristics, in the light irradiation more charming, is the ideal decoration material for modern hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls.

Stainless steel decorative net

Be made of high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel wire woven, diameter wire for stainless steel wire rope, 2-4 pieces for a group, every certain distance a group, the distance and rope thickness can be customized according to customer requirements, weft wire is a single stainless steel rod, but also every certain distance a piece, the distance customer decided. Our factory can provide the maximum width (that is, the length of a single stainless steel rod weft wire) for 4 meters, length direction is not limited. Combined with modern metal smelting technology, unique patterns and appearance, the decorative mesh not only gives a strong visual impact on the appearance, but also provides different optical and acoustic effects, so that designers can have greater space for the development of modern architecture.

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