metal welded gabion box retaining wall

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Gabion mesh is suitable for high velocity, serious erosion, bank slope seepage of slow river bank. Stone cage is a flexible structure, for uneven subsidence self – adjustment. The bank surface is porous, the gap between the stone is conducive to the habitat of animals, the growth of plants, the stone cage surface above the water line can be used to plant green soil bag in line with ecological considerations and safety requirements.

Ecological green grid structure is common in slope retaining stability construction method, because of its economy, convenient construction, local materials, fill soil, gravel and natural gradation, quickly form a retaining or retaining structure, so the engineering community is willing to use.

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Structural characteristic

(1) Economy. Just put the stone into the cage to seal it.
(2) The construction is simple and does not require special technology.
(3) Have a strong resistance to natural damage and corrosion resistance and adverse weather effects.
(4) can withstand a large range of deformation, but still do not collapse.
(5) The silt between the cage stones is conducive to plant production, and can be fused with the surrounding natural environment.
(6) With good permeability, can prevent damage caused by hydrostatic.
(7) Save transportation costs. It can be folded up for transport and assembled on site.
(8) Fast progress, conducive to schedule: multiple groups of construction at the same time, parallel, flow operation.


One, control and guide the river and flood: Gabion mesh can make the riverbed bank permanent protection, effectively prevent water erosion of the river bank to destroy it, cause flooding, resulting in life and property suffered a large number of losses, soil and water loss.

Two, channel, canal, river bed: natural river transformation and artificial channel excavation, gabion mesh can play an effective permanent protection of the riverbank or river bed, it can also control the flow of water, prevent water loss, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance, has excellent effect.

Three, bank protection: stone cage gabion mesh structure application and river lake shore and its slope foot protection is a very successful case, it gives full play to the advantages of ecological mesh, to achieve other methods can not achieve the ideal effect.

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