concertina razor barbed wire for security

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Razor barbed wire, also known as blade thorn rope, is a new type of protective wire. Blade barbed wire has beautiful, economic and practical, good anti-resistance effect, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, blade barbed wire is widely used in many countries of industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention houses, government buildings and other countries of the security facilities.

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1.Razor barbed wire is a kind of modern security fencing materials with better protection and fencing strength made of hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. With beautiful and sharp blades and strong core wire, razor wire has the features of secure fencing, easy installation, age resistance and other properties.

2.Material: high carbon steel, galvanized steel sheet and wire, stainless steel sheet and wire. Usually, hot dipped galvanized razor barbed wire is popular in the market.

3.Surface finished: Electro galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated.

Razor barbed wire according to different installation methods can be divided into :(snake belly type) spiral blade thorn rope, linear blade thorn rope, flat blade thorn rope, blade thorn rope welding net, etc. The blade thorn rope can be divided into three forms: spiral type, straight line type and spiral cross type.


BTO-10, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65 Packaging: moisture-proof paper, woven bag strip, other packaging can be packed according to customer requirements.

specification shape Blade thickness linear diameter Blade length Blade width Between blades
BTO-10  razor barbed wire for fencing_05 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 10±1 13±1 25±1
BTO-12  razor barbed wire for fencing_04 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 12±1 15±1 25±1
BTO-18  razor barbed wire for fencing_03 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 18±1 15±1 35±1
BTO-22 razor barbed wire for fencing_01
0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 22±1 15±1 36±1
BTO-28 razor barbed wire for fencing_02
BTO-30 46±1
CBT-65 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 65±2 21±1 100±2

Blade size

outside diameter coils length production form others
450mm 33 8M CBT-65 Single coil
500mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
700mm 41 10M CBT-65 Single coil
960mm 53 13M CBT-65 Single coil
500mm 102 16M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
600mm 86 14M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
700mm 72 12M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
800mm 64 10M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type
960mm 52 9M BTO-10.15.22 Cross type

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