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Wire mesh deep processing can decorate the house metal decorations, can also be made of isolation grid, isolation net, fence net, protective net, with good practicability and security. It is the product of its spot welding process. Professional design and production of all kinds of wire mesh deep processing products net basket basket turnover box disinfection net basket platform net basket culture net supermarket shelves turnover box metal hose barbecue mesh sample screen.

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Wire mesh deep processing products offer a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

These products are made using advanced spot welding techniques that ensure durability, stability, and strength. The possibilities of wire mesh deep processing products are endless, ranging from decorative metal ornaments for home decor to heavy-duty fence nets for industrial applications.

Isolation grids and nets are commonly used for safety applications, such as creating barriers around construction sites or separating hazardous machinery from employees. Fence nets offer an effective solution for creating boundaries and controlling access to specific areas. Protective nets are essential for improving workplace safety by preventing unwanted fall hazards and protecting workers from flying debris.

Wire mesh deep processing products are also widely used for storage and transportation. Net baskets, turnover boxes, and platforms are perfect for organizing and carrying products in manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. Supermarket shelves and turnover boxes are useful for retail environments to make efficient use of space.In addition to their practical applications, wire mesh deep processing products can also be decorative.

Culture nets and metal ornaments are perfect for adding some extra flair to architecture, gardens, and building facades. Barbecue mesh and metal hoses are essential for cooking and grilling in outdoor spaces.Overall, wire mesh deep processing products provide a range of benefits, including practicality, versatility, and security, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With professional design and the latest production techniques, these products are long-lasting and reliable.


  • Material: The net basket series is mainly made of stainless steel wire mesh. Electrolytic polishing technology is adopted for surface treatment. The surface is as bright as a mirror.
  • Processing technology: by bending to bend it into a variety of crafts. The surface can be polished, diffuse plastic, spray plastic, according to customer needs to make a color of the artifact.
  • Product advantages: smooth surface, no rust, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, health, environmental protection
  • Functions: Medical disinfection, pasta, meat barbecue, life basket, fruit basket, vegetable basket, dish basket, cookware rack, coat rack, all kinds of supermarket basket, turnover box; Hotel drinks and food racks; Office low basket, file basket, book, newspaper rack, pet carrier, etc.

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