Wire mesh demister for removing liquid droplets from gas streams

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Demister Pad also called mist pad, wire mesh demister, mesh mist eliminator, catching mist, mist eliminator, is used in gas entrained mist separation column to guarantee the filtering efficiency.

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Wire mesh demister is mainly composed of wire screen, mesh grid composed of screen block and fixed screen block supporting device, screen for a variety of materials of gas liquid filter, gas liquid filter is composed of wire or non-metallic wire. The non-metallic wire of the gas liquid filter is twisted by a plurality of non-metallic fibers, or a single strand of non-metallic wire. The screen foam remover can not only filter the large liquid foam suspended in the air stream, but also filter the small and small liquid foam, widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessel and other industries in the gas-liquid separation device.

Wire mesh demister is used to separate the droplets entrained by gas in the tower, so as to ensure mass transfer efficiency, reduce valuable material loss and improve the operation of the compressor after the tower. Generally, the wire mesh demister is set at the top of the tower. It can effectively remove 3--5um fog drops. If the defroster is set between tray, the mass transfer efficiency of tray can be ensured, and the spacing between plates can be reduced.

Working principle of demister pad

When the gas with mist rises at a constant speed and passes through the wire mesh, the rising mist will collided with the mesh filament and attached to the surface filament due to the inertia effect. The mist will be diffuse on the filament surface and the droplet will follow along the filaments of the two wire intersection. The droplet will grow bigger and isolate from the filament until the droplets gravity exceeding gas rising force and liquid surface tension force while there is little gas passing through the demister pad.

Separate the gas in the droplets can improve the operating condition, optimize process indicators, reduce corrosion of the equipment, extend equipment life, increase the amount of processing and recovery of valuable materials, protect the environment, and decrease air pollution.

Mesh pad installation

There are two kinds of wire mesh demister pad, which are disk shaped demister pad and bar type demister pad.

According to different using condition, it can be divided into upload type and download type. When the opening is located in the above of the demister pad or when there is no opening but has flange, you should choose the upload demister pad.

When the opening is in the below of the demister pad, you should choose the download type demister pad.

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