Fine stainless steel filter wire mesh

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Filter screen, referred to as filter screen, is made of different mesh metal mesh processing, its role is to filter molten material flow and increase the material flow resistance, so as to filter mechanical impurities and improve the mixing or plasticizing effect.

With acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance and other properties; Mainly used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The filter is divided into textile fiber filter and metal filter. The machine on which the filter is installed is called a filter and is used to filter natural water and food, etc.

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1. Used for acid, alkali environmental conditions of screening and filtration, petroleum industry for mud net, chemical fiber industry for screen screen, electroplating industry for pickling net......
2. Used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
3. Used for air conditioning, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier, and dust collector, suitable for a variety of different filtration, dust removal and separation requirements.


The product of multilayer expansion aluminum foil net or stainless steel net is the special filter material of the filter. It is rolled into the shape of wave net and cross-superimposed with each other at the correct Angle. The multilayer folding expansion of the filter net is arranged with different density and aperture from coarse to fine, so that the flow direction can be changed many times when the object passes through, and its efficiency can be increased.

Functional characteristics
Direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration speed, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life of the fine cabinet. Stainless steel filter will not produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear.

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