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The WORLD metal mesh comapny  product:Perforated mesh is one product made of metal materials, with holes of different shapes and sizes formed on its surface through a stamping process. The following will introduce the wide application and aesthetics of punching mesh with different hole types: Wide application: Perforated mesh with different hole types has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the following fields: Construction industry: Perforated mesh can be used as building exterior wall decoration, which can increase the beauty of the building while also providing appropriate light transmittance and ventilation. Automobile industry: Perforated mesh is commonly used in automobile parts, such as wheel covers, lamp covers, air intakes, etc.

They can be used in the automotive industry for aesthetic decoration and ventilation. Furniture industry: Perforated mesh can be used as decorative parts for furniture products, such as TV cabinets, wardrobes, screens, etc., which can increase the aesthetics and breathability of furniture.

Industrial field: Perforated mesh can be used as filter materials, screens, partitions, etc. to separate solids and liquids and filter impurities.

Aesthetics: Perforated mesh with different hole types has unique appearance designs and can provide diverse aesthetic effects. For example, you can choose different hole shapes such as circle, square, star, triangle, etc. to coordinate the perforated mesh with the surrounding environment and decorative style.

In addition, perforated mesh can also be selected with different aperture sizes and colors to meet different design requirements and personalized needs. Its aesthetic properties make perforated mesh widely used in the construction, decoration and furniture industries. In general, perforated mesh with different hole types has wide application and aesthetics.

They are widely used in construction, automobiles, furniture and industrial fields, not only to increase the aesthetics and decorative effect of products, but also to provide appropriate light transmission, ventilation and filtration functions.

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