WORLD stainless steel wire mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh use

WORLD  stainless steel wire mesh01Widely used in decoration, construction of mechanical cage, coal plant, mine, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, machinery accessories, protective net, stainless steel gin net, packaging net, barbecue net, barbecue oven net, sintering furnace net, hardware products net, arts and crafts net, alarm screen, net basket net, food machinery net, cookware net, wall net, grain, highway, railway, foundation Spare network. It can be used for the classification of solid materials as screen, for liquid and mud filtration, feeding, civil, etc. Due to the characteristics of stainless steel raw materials, stainless steel wire mesh is often used in the industry with high requirements for stability. For example, the food industry is used to make net baskets for food, and the chemical industry is used for acid and alkali environmental conditions under the silk division and filtration. Electroplating industry for pickling net, petroleum industry for mud net, construction and decoration used to do decoration net, automobile occupation oil and water separator.

And the width can be adjusted to customize, like stainless steel wide mesh is 1.5 meters -8 meters wide stainless steel mesh.

Product material: SUS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS321(0Cr18Ni10Ti), 310S and other stainless steel wire, can also use low carbon steel wire, nickel wire, brass wire, etc.
Weaving process: divided into plain weave weave, twill weave. There are two kinds of weaving within 2 meters: plain weave weave and twill weave weave. 2 m – 6.5 m wide width are generally plain weave.
Width: 0.914 — 6.5m
Mesh number: 0.914m — 2m has 4 — 635, 2m — 6.5m has 4 — 120.
Shape: roll shape, and can be flushed into square pieces, round pieces and other shapes, can also be processed into other filter equipment.
Packing: waterproof paper packing, the outer packing is woven bag or wooden case.
Properties: acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, strong tensile resistance, etc.

WORLD  stainless steel wire mesh02The purpose of this wide stainless steel net: generally used in paper making machine, paper making net cage and other purposes. Air filter and heat dissipation treatment, acid and alkali environmental conditions screening and filtration, petroleum industry for mud net, chemical fiber industry for screen screen, electroplating industry for pickling net. Also can petroleum, chemical industry, construction, textile, medicine, aviation, aerospace, railway, highway, garden protection, aquaculture, metallurgy national defense, coal, mineral resources, light industry, decoration, agriculture and forestry, parks, machinery and other fields. Sound wall, roof, powder layer, large mine screen, electronic industry and household appliances, mechanical equipment safety protection and motor wind cover shell, air filter and heat dissipation treatment, all kinds of machine tools and automotive equipment of the best supporting products.

It is because of the following characteristics of the stainless steel wire screen: it is through the process of weaving, the mesh surface is smooth, the structure is stable, the characteristics of use, is the product of pig cleaning equipment. Material structure is stable, strong impact resistance,

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