WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filter mesh

WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filter wire mesh advantages

It is a kind of metal mesh made by etching process, with the following characteristics and applications:

WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filt01


1. High precision of microhole, aperture can reach 0.02mm.
2. Uniform mesh, hole spacing and aperture can be customized according to customer needs.
3. High surface flatness, with good filtering effect.
4 Stainless steel material with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other characteristics, can be used in harsh environment.
5. Simple processing technology, according to customer demand cutting, bending, etc.


WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filt021. Filtration and screening field: It can be used for filtration and screening of water treatment, oil treatment, food processing and other industries.
2. Electronic products: can be used for protective mesh cover, shielding layer and other components of electronic products.
3. Adsorption, heat dissipation field: can be used to absorb pollutants or particles in the air, while reducing the heat accumulation of products.
In short, etched microporous stainless steel mesh has the characteristics of fine, efficient and durable, and is widely used in many fields.

For example, a common coffee filter is a paper filter. The main advantages of paper strainers are easy cleaning and faster acidity control, as the coffee grounds can be filtered out, while the coffee filter prevents the grounds from mixing with the coffee oil and affecting the taste of the coffee. When paper filter is used, water injection can be used to make the paper filter better adapt to the bottom of the hole, which can better solve the problem of taste and cleanliness. The disadvantage of paper filter is that the filtering effect is poor, which may lead to the presence of oil, particulate matter and other components in coffee. Mainly, it is not environmentally friendly. The use of stainless steel filter coffee machine can effectively solve the problem. The main advantage is that the filter effect is good, which can effectively filter out impurities such as coffee grounds, precipitation and oil, while retaining the original flavor and concentration of coffee, making the coffee taste more pure and fresh. Stainless steel filters are also more environmentally friendly and economical than paper filters because they can be reused without having to be replaced frequently and without creating any waste. In addition, stainless steel screen maintenance is relatively simple, just use warm water and mild cleaning agent can be cleaned. So which kind is better you will know And Let us take a look at pictures of stainless steel microporous filters for coffee makers.

WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filt03
WOLRD Etched microporous hole stainless steel filt04

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