On a good morning, the sunshine sprinkled on the streets of Anping, full of vitality and joy. The grand wire mesh Expo 2023exhibiton anping show pic1_副本exhibiton anping show pic2_副本 will soon be held in this small town, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Wire mesh products and wire mesh machinery industry has always been a characteristic industry in Anping, enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad. As the protagonist of the wire mesh Expo, a variety of innovative and competitive products and machinery will be displayed here. On that day, the doors of the convention center opened early, with bright lights and colorful flags flying. The exhibition hall is arranged in good order, and each booth is placed with a variety of wire mesh products and wire mesh machinery and equipment. Overseas exhibitors brought the latest screen technology and products of their country, and the exhibition booth displayed a variety of international leading screen printing machines, wire mesh nets and wire mesh cables. As the audience streamed into the exhibition hall, a foreign exhibitor stopped in front of the booth of a fully automatic high-speed screen printing machine. He showed a keen interest in the machine and immediately approached the staff to ask for details. The exhibitor’s name is David, and he is the head of a screen manufacturing company from the United States. He said that his company is in urgent need of introducing an efficient and accurate screen printing machine to meet the growing demand for orders. The staff introduced the printing speed and accuracy of the machine in detail, and also emphasized its intelligent operating system and stable performance. David said excitedly, “This is just what I needed! Our order book has been growing and we need a press that can produce high quality products quickly. I’ve decided to place an order!” David sealed the order with the booth staff on the spot and they immediately exchanged the required details and agreed on delivery times and other details. David happily left the booth, satisfied with his unexpected gain. This is just a small episode in the wire mesh screen Expo, and similar scenes are constantly staged on various booths. More and more foreign exhibitors are attracted by Anping’s wire mesh products and machinery, and have reached cooperation agreements and orders with exhibitors. These cooperation not only expanded the international influence of Anping wire mesh industry, but also brought more business opportunities and economic benefits to Anping enterprises. With the successful conclusion of the Expo, Anping’s wire mesh industry has once again emerged on the international stage. Anping has not only become an important supplier of wire mesh products and machinery, but also injected new vitality into the local economic development. The success of the silk screen Expo has promoted the exchange and cooperation of the silk screen industry at home and abroad, and promoted the technological innovation and industrial upgrading of silk screen products and machinery.exhibiton anping show pic5The wire mesh  Expo in Anping has become a long-awaited international event for the industry, attracting more and more foreign buyers and exhibitors. They and Anping enterprises to establish a solid business cooperation, jointly promote the development of the wire mesh industry, to provide customers around the world with better quality wire mesh products and machinery and equipment. The brilliant achievements of the wire screen Expo make people more optimistic about the future outlook and look forward to the next grand event.

Post time: Oct-24-2023